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96dpibook2frontcoverbookcover396dpiTen years of hard work and I finally got my first books, The Cavalier Trilogy, published.  Book one, THE CAVALIER, and book two, THE RISE OF MALBECK, is available through and Barnes and Noble.  Book three, GLIMMER IN THE SHADOW became available in 2013 and is also available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.    I hope you enjoy the series and I’d love to have your feedback.  Just recently (2016) I completed my first off-shoot book from this world featuring Jonas as Shyann’s Shadow Knight.  The Shadow Knight books will be stand alone books about Jonas’s new role as Shyann’s Shadow Knight and they start years after the end of the Cavalier Trilogy.  Follow the link below to the first book in this new series.

Use the link below to purchase the Cavalier Trilogy at Amazon:

Use this link to buy The Shadow Knight on Amazon:

Front Cover 1500 wide


  1. I’ve read first two books and ready to read third. Perhaps you can email when published?

    • Hey Kevin,
      Thanks for support and I’m glad you liked the books. I’m working hard on the editing for book three and I think It will be out in June or maybe early July. I will make a mental note to email you when it is out. If I forget, check in June or July. Thanks again for your support and if you feel so inclinded I’d love a review on Amazon and Goodreads. Take care and talk soon.
      Jason McWhirter

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