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So I’m taking a mini break from fantasy writing and tackling a story that I think will be not only interesting, but a major challenge for me. I have this idea of writing a story about love, loss, and healing, centered around things that are important to me and my wife.  I have not finalized all the concepts yet, but I can give you a quick summary.  There is a nurse who loses her husband to pancreatic cancer.  The husband in question was an avid fly fisherman and before he dies he creates a series of video clips for his wife.  He wants her to quit her job (or take a leave of absence) and travel to a number of places around the world to finish his bucket list of fishing trips.  At each location she will receive another pre-recorded video clip.  She will have a series of tasks (besides fishing of course) to complete at each location, among them deposit some of his ashes.  Her adventure will be filled with learning how to live once again, at the center healing her broken heart.  I’m very excited about this story.  And for my fantasy fans, don’t worry, I’m still working on a concept for my next Shadow Knight adventure.  I’m hoping that taking a break from the fantasy genre will help to stir up some ideas for my next Jonas novel. Stay tuned!

So, I’m taking a break from writing to rejuvenate my imagination.  My next writing adventure is to tell the next story in Jonas’s life as a Shadow Knight.  I’m taking a break as I try to light a fire under my creative juices to get some ideas flowing.  It might be a while before I start the process.  I’ll keep you all posted.

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I reached out to one of my artists and commissioned him to draw me a picture of one of the Crawlers in my new Five Lands Saga.  It turned out super cool.  I’ll be adding it to the title page of my upcoming book, Stone Blood, the final chapter of the series.  It’s too bad I can’t do color on the inside of the book as it turned out pretty cool.  The creatures are black in the book, but it won’t matter as the image will be black and white on the title page.  Either way, I love the image!


The final editing of my new book, Stone Blood, is more or less complete.  I still have a few things left before I get it published, so stay tuned.  Here is my design for the back of the book.  I think the language turned out pretty cool.  I hope it gets people interested in the book.  What do you think?


Hey folks…sent away for the proof copies of Stone Blood so I can work on the final edit.  I’ve also been playing around with the full cover.  What do you folks think? stonebloodfullcover

Well, I finished the last chapter the other day.  I still have the editing to do, and the epilogue, but for the most part, I’m done.  I’m very happy with this book and this series overall.  I think its some of my best work.  It should be another couple months for the editing process.  I’ll keep you all posted as I progress through the process.

The last chapter of my series, The Five Lands, is going pretty well.  I was lucky enough to work with Mario Teodosio again and he just completed the artwork for the book cover.  His detail work on Kith Caren, the main character, is amazing.  I really love this one and am excited to complete the cover and the story.  What do you guys think of the image?


Well, the ending of my new book is not coming together as I had hoped.  I’m a bit stuck, so it may take me longer than I thought.  One the positive side, I have my artist working on the new cover, which is very exciting.  I’m still hoping to get Stone Blood, the last chapter of my new Five Lands Saga, complete by Christmas.  Once I piece together an ending I’m satisfied with, It should go smoothly after that.  Stay tuned.

Okay folks, I am steadily making progress on book two of the Five Lands Saga.  I think I will end up calling it Stone Blood and so far its going really good.  I’m seven chapters in and I’m hoping to get more done during the summer when I am not working.  Stay tuned for cover art and updates.  If you have not picked up a copy of The Unbroken Gate, please do so.  I think its one of my favorites so far.  I’m really enjoying the world and magic system.  Hope you do as well.