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Author Archives: jmac1353

My name is Jason McWhirter and I am a history teacher of seventeen years. I spend most of my time fly-fishing the Pacific Northwest, drinking and tasting wine with my wife and friends, and sitting at my computer writing my next novel or screenplay. I'm an avid outdoorsman and daily workouts are a part of my regime. I love my friends and family, and I love life.

Hey folks…sent away for the proof copies of Stone Blood so I can work on the final edit.  I’ve also been playing around with the full cover.  What do you folks think? stonebloodfullcover


Well, I finished the last chapter the other day.  I still have the editing to do, and the epilogue, but for the most part, I’m done.  I’m very happy with this book and this series overall.  I think its some of my best work.  It should be another couple months for the editing process.  I’ll keep you all posted as I progress through the process.

The last chapter of my series, The Five Lands, is going pretty well.  I was lucky enough to work with Mario Teodosio again and he just completed the artwork for the book cover.  His detail work on Kith Caren, the main character, is amazing.  I really love this one and am excited to complete the cover and the story.  What do you guys think of the image?


Well, the ending of my new book is not coming together as I had hoped.  I’m a bit stuck, so it may take me longer than I thought.  One the positive side, I have my artist working on the new cover, which is very exciting.  I’m still hoping to get Stone Blood, the last chapter of my new Five Lands Saga, complete by Christmas.  Once I piece together an ending I’m satisfied with, It should go smoothly after that.  Stay tuned.

Okay folks, I am steadily making progress on book two of the Five Lands Saga.  I think I will end up calling it Stone Blood and so far its going really good.  I’m seven chapters in and I’m hoping to get more done during the summer when I am not working.  Stay tuned for cover art and updates.  If you have not picked up a copy of The Unbroken Gate, please do so.  I think its one of my favorites so far.  I’m really enjoying the world and magic system.  Hope you do as well.

Here is another knife I made.  I’m really starting to enjoy the leather tooling part.  I think this turned out pretty cool.  I added his initials to the back.

So I completed this knife for Jamie’s Heart Foundation, a wonderful support group that my wife and I have been a part of for a long time.  I’m including the knife, a bottle of my homemade bourbon, and copies of all my books in the silent auction.  Hopefully there will be some guys or gals out there who want a cool custom knife so we can raise some money for a fabulous cause.

Hey folks, I’m embarrassed to say that the Kindle copy I uploaded was one of my proof copies and not the final draft.  I realized that there were far too many errors in the book and after double checking all my files, noticed that I had accidently uploaded the wrong copy.  I have fixed the problem and would like to apologize to those who already purchased the kindle.  The errors don’t change the story line at all but they definitely don’t bode well for me or my books.  I have to say that I wish I had the money to just write and have a professional editor do all the rest, as well as publisher to take care of the publishing side.  Trying to work full time and juggle all the writing components can be tough at times.  But there was no excuse in uploading that wrong file and again I’m sorry.  On a positive note, I’m about five chapters into the second book and its going very well.  I think it will be a great end to the Find Lands Saga.

One of my students made me this book trailer for my Cavalier Trilogy.  He did an awesome job and I thought I would share it with everyone. Click the link below to watch it on youtube.


Our recent home purchase has occupied a lot of my time over the last four months.  But I was finally able to get my new book complete, The Unbroken Gate, as well as finish my brother’s knife that I have been slowly working on.  I was happy to get it done just before Christmas.  It made a great gift.  I’m still learning a ton but the fun part is my knives keep getting better.  This knife was made out of 1095 steel and the hybrid sheath is made from kydex and leather with his initials hand tooled onto the surface.  I also designed it so he can carry it scout style or traditional.  The handle was a material I bought made from layers of wood and resin.  It sanded and polished really nice. The blade was acid etched and stone washed to protect it from the elements.