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My name is Jason McWhirter and I started this blog as a platform to discuss my experiences as a self-published author.  As of now, I have ten books published and they are all available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  My first fantasy series is my Cavalier Trilogy and my second fantasy series is the Steel Lord series that includes two books.  I have two spin off books from both of those series following the main characters.  My Shadow Knight novels will be about Jonas Kanrene, the main character from the Cavalier Trilogy, years after the trilogy takes place.  The first book in this series is called The Shadow Knight, and it is available through Amazon and B and N.  I recently (2017) finished my first stand alone book from the World of Corvell.  These books will focus on the main characters from the Steel Lord series and the first book is called The Glimmer Blade.  I have a third fantasy series called the Five Lands Saga.  Both books are now available, The Unbroken Gate and Stone Blood.  In the future I will also write some spin off books about the main character, Kith Caren.  I have also completed my first non-fantasy book called the Life of Ely. It is a coming of age story that is loosely based on my own teaching experiences. In the process of publishing all my books, I’ve learned a lot about the publishing process and writing in general and I welcome any thoughts, questions, or reviews of my work.  I am working hard at improving my craft and I hope to publish more books in the future. When I’m not writing I’m usually wine tasting, wine making, or more importantly fly fishing the lakes and streams of the Pacific Northwest. This blog and my website are works in progress as I slowly, but excitedly, move through this process.

Check out my Twiin Entertainment merchandise store! The art work for my books, all done by Cos Koniotis, Christian Quinot, Mario Teodosio, and Luis Gama, is truly amazing. You now have an opportunity to purchase merchandise with their amazing art. Let me know if there is something you particularly want and I might be able to make it happen.

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