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So I’m taking a mini break from fantasy writing and tackling a story that I think will be not only interesting, but a major challenge for me. I have this idea of writing a story about love, loss, and healing, centered around things that are important to me and my wife.  I have not finalized all the concepts yet, but I can give you a quick summary.  There is a nurse who loses her husband to pancreatic cancer.  The husband in question was an avid fly fisherman and before he dies he creates a series of video clips for his wife.  He wants her to quit her job (or take a leave of absence) and travel to a number of places around the world to finish his bucket list of fishing trips.  At each location she will receive another pre-recorded video clip.  She will have a series of tasks (besides fishing of course) to complete at each location, among them deposit some of his ashes.  Her adventure will be filled with learning how to live once again, at the center healing her broken heart.  I’m very excited about this story.  And for my fantasy fans, don’t worry, I’m still working on a concept for my next Shadow Knight adventure.  I’m hoping that taking a break from the fantasy genre will help to stir up some ideas for my next Jonas novel. Stay tuned!

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