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Monthly Archives: August 2018

The last chapter of my series, The Five Lands, is going pretty well.  I was lucky enough to work with Mario Teodosio again and he just completed the artwork for the book cover.  His detail work on Kith Caren, the main character, is amazing.  I really love this one and am excited to complete the cover and the story.  What do you guys think of the image?


Well, the ending of my new book is not coming together as I had hoped.  I’m a bit stuck, so it may take me longer than I thought.  One the positive side, I have my artist working on the new cover, which is very exciting.  I’m still hoping to get Stone Blood, the last chapter of my new Five Lands Saga, complete by Christmas.  Once I piece together an ending I’m satisfied with, It should go smoothly after that.  Stay tuned.