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Hey folks, I’m embarrassed to say that the Kindle copy I uploaded was one of my proof copies and not the final draft.  I realized that there were far too many errors in the book and after double checking all my files, noticed that I had accidently uploaded the wrong copy.  I have fixed the problem and would like to apologize to those who already purchased the kindle.  The errors don’t change the story line at all but they definitely don’t bode well for me or my books.  I have to say that I wish I had the money to just write and have a professional editor do all the rest, as well as publisher to take care of the publishing side.  Trying to work full time and juggle all the writing components can be tough at times.  But there was no excuse in uploading that wrong file and again I’m sorry.  On a positive note, I’m about five chapters into the second book and its going very well.  I think it will be a great end to the Find Lands Saga.


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