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Well, its been a busy summer but I managed to get some writing done.  I’m nearly finished with the first draft of book one of my new series, THE FIVE LANDS.  I think now it will be a two book series.  I’d like to get both books complete, at least the drafts, before I start the process of publishing book one.  But I’ll keep you posted on that as I continue the work.  August will be a slow writing month for me as my wife and I will be gone in our RV for three weeks fishing and wine tasting.  Stay tuned and have a great summer!



  1. I found this looking for fractal tree patterns for some paintings that have been hanging out in my in my head, but, I am a huge fan of heroic fantasy. David Eddings, Terry Brooks, Terry Goodkind, Juliette Marrilier, are a few of my faves. I also like Tolkein, Heinlein, Vonnegut, and writers of their genre as well. I am a voracious reader and have been for 50 years. I have been craving some new stories to soak up. Been reading a LOT of philosophy, history, psychological stuff lately and am ready for a break. Now I’m kind of excited to read your book. where and when can I find it?

    • Hey Laurie,
      Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. My wife and I just bought a home and we’ve been closing down one and moving to the other. Needless to say its been a busy month. You can get my book at Amazon. I’d love to hear your opinion. You’ve listed some pretty amazing authors. Have you read any David Gemmell yet? He is one of my favorites. Anyway, take care and thanks for your interest.

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