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Well folks, I’m taking a break from writing in either of my two worlds.  I have started a new series called The Five Lands.  It is still undecided whether or not this series will be a trilogy or dualogy.  I’m sorry to my Jonas and Brant fans, but it will be quite some time before I get to writing any continuing stories with those two characters.  I need to take a break and refresh my imagination charge on something new.  I’m excited about this new series and so far its been a lot of fun.  Don’t worry though, if you liked my books in my first two worlds, than I’m sure you will enjoy this new story as well.  Not to mention, I will continue to write about Jonas and Brant, just not right now.  I’ll keep you posted as I progress through the process.  Also, for those of you that have been following my knife making hobby, I think that in the near future I will be doing some sort of giveaway for a few of my knives.  Stay tuned for that.


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  1. I’m always down for more McWhirter adventures! It’d weird: I just finished the prologue of The Cavalier prologue when I got a notification for this post. What are the odds!

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