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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Okay, for all you Brant fans out there, I’ve started my next book staring the bad ass swordsman.  I plan on doing something similar with these books as I did with the Cavalier Trilogy.  I finished the “Steel Lord” story, but still want to continue some off-shoot tales about Brant, just as I did about Jonas in the Cavalier Trilogy.  So, this book, which is tentatively called The Glimmer Blade, is a stand alone story staring Brant Anwar, one of the main character from the Steel Lord Series.  I have a rough outline in place and am deep into chapter two.  It usually takes me a year to complete a book so I have a long ways to go.  I’m hoping to get the artist that did my Shadow Knight book, Mario Teodosio, to do the cover for this next book.  I’ll keep you posted on everything as I progress.  Thanks as always for your support.