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Monthly Archives: September 2015

I’m sorry to say that my ease into my first Shadow Knight book starring Jonas in his new role has not been very smooth.  I have not experienced writer’s block before and now its hitting me in the head like a giant war hammer.  I was hoping to be deep into the new book by now but I can’t seem to formulate a strong plot line.  I have some arcs and characters fleshed out but not enough to built the full story.  I’m really trying to stay away from the formulaic plot structures that we see so often in fantasy books but it is so hard to come up with something unique.  I’m still very much excited about this stand alone book and rest assured that my mind, when I have time away from teaching, is constantly rolling around ideas.  I’ll keep you all posted once the writing gets into full swing.  On a side note, the sales of my Steel Lord Series has been great!  I really hope you are all enjoying the books.  As usual, thanks for your support.