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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Okay, now that I’ve finished my Steel Lord dualogy, my plan now is to start my next set of stand alone books about Jonas in his new role as Shyann’s Shadow Knight.  I know a lot of people were upset that Jonas lost his ability to stay a Cavalier, but rest assured that it was all part of the plan in making him even more bad ass.  I’m excited that I have more flexibility  now as a writer to dive deeper into his character.  As a Cavalier, his role was actually limited, mostly because of what a Cavalier stood for.  Now, he can hide in the shadows, he can go where no Cavalier could, and he can eradicate the rats delving in the dark pits of society.  Although I’ve had some difficulty coming up with a plot and path for my first Shadow Knight book, I can say that I’m very excited to work on this story line.  I hate to say that it might be awhile for the first book, but I wanted to let you all know that the story line is for front on my radar.  I will most certainly keep you all up to date as I progress.  I hope you are all looking forward to Jonas new adventures.  I know I’m excited to create them.  As usual, thanks for all your support.

Click on the link to purchase Banner Lord, book two of my Steel Lord Series.  I hope you enjoy the final chapter and thanks for your support.