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Monthly Archives: February 2014


Second half of the article

Second half of the article

“I absolutely loved this book. I laughed, I cried, I truly felt for the characters. I have never been interested in wrestling at all. In fact I always found it incredibly boring, but when you read this book, you forget all of that. I actually think this is a book that kids should be reading in school. It has so much to teach, but not in a preachy way. It’s something that I think everyone can relate to.”
Sarah Finely

“I would also recommend the book to bullies and victims of bullies–some valuable lessons can be learned. Having said that, any reader, adolescent or adult, will identify with Ely and really enjoy this book.”
Dr. Chris Stefanelli

“As a coach….I loved this story. The connection between the coach and these kids was incredible. It also reinforced my strong belief that the power in sports can be life changing for our youth. Kudos to Jason McWhirter for developing a character that his readers can become so attached to. You will be rooting for Ely from beginning to end.”
Lisa Marlow

“I highly recommend this inspiring book! I found it difficult to put down. First of all the descriptive writing put me right in each and every situation in graphic detail. Though I have never been to or seen a wrestling match I became engaged with the sport. At every turn the book takes I felt connected to Ely, the main character. I laughed, I cried (especially at the end) and I experienced a lifting of the human condition and spirit.”
Linda Hierholzer

“The abuse he endures is amazing, and the person he becomes, will make you smile. There is one part (of many), but one part that made me remember that one tiny comment, good or bad, can make or break a child. Let’s start by making all of our comments POSITIVE, and make someone’s day a good one. Good job, Jason. I can’t wait for your next book…..”
Cindy Collamore

“I loved this book, Could not put it down. The evolution of Ely was captivating. I loved the sayings and wisdom of coach Sel. It made me want to wrestle and I’m an old lady. With bullying so prevalent it’s great to see an example of support. So inspiring! I cried at the end!”
Cindy Barton