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Monthly Archives: August 2012

The Cavalier: Book One in the Cavalier Trilogy
By Jason L. McWhirter

Book Review by M. G. Russell: author of Joshua of Gaia: The Lost Elderzamia

“This intensely written novel of fantasy and magic, good and evil, draws you in to a rich tapestry; the world that author Jason L. McWhirter has created. The Cavalier (Book One of the Cavalier Trilogy) is a descriptively strong story, staying true to the style of similar fantasy novels. If you enjoy being drawn into a world laced with heroes, goblins, orcs and magic, then this is the story is for you. McWhirter’s use of language is appealing to those who enjoy the old world fantasies of townspeople, blacksmiths, knights and Wizards; you will be drawn to this book.

The Cavalier, set in 5045, opens on a dark gathering of three men of Kraawn who await the Wizard Gullanin to raise their evil Lord into the world of the living. Meanwhile, a cripple boy, Jonas Kanrene is chanced upon by an intimidating warrior in his small town; a Cavalier. This breed of soldier has been charged with the protection of Kraawn. When this random meeting brings this boy to the attention of the cavalier, he is tied to the plight of these highly trained warriors and finds himself drawn into the battle. Has this chance encounter set in motion something greater than Jonas and his little town in the mountains? And can he deliver with the weight of so much on his shoulders?
Set one thousand years after the Great War when evil seems to be rising again, will the fate of this land depend solely on this boy with no discernible strengths? Will Jonas’ training as a Cavalier give him the power he needs to go all the way?

Although quite a heavy read, this book sets up a long and rewarding trilogy journey for the reader laced with spells, battle scenes and the plight of Jonas against the rising dark forces. I look forward to the next phase as Jason L. McWhirter has done an effective job in leaving us all hanging at the end of this book. This is a promising first novel from a self-published author. I am very much looking forward to the next instalment.”